So, hey everyone!

As you can probably tell, I am new to this site and this is also my first post on this blog! I am a sixteen year old girl living in Canada. My name is Joey, and I hope to get along with all the people visiting my blog.

Mainly I write (fanfiction and originals) and draw, however, neither of the two I do professionally. For everyone’s information, I have neither gone to an art school nor a writing school.

If you are curious and have any explicit questions, feel free to ask. If I find them suitable questions, I will answer, simple as that.

For my first uploads or my work, we’ll see. I only have one story planned out in my head so far, and even that  I haven’t even started drafting out yet.

Anyways, I hope my blog becomes a comfortable and safe place for people and I hope you can enjoy my works as well!

Signing out,



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