Leaving Home – Drabble based off of my new story

Her room had never felt as empty as now- no sister, no grandmother, no one. The space on top of her bed with its clean and unwrinkled bed sheets,  so empty. Her cluttered desk, so full of nothing but trinkets, papers, and cranes. The white translucent curtains on her window swayed emptily from the minuscule breeze blowing inwards from outside.

She had not remembered her room this way, so peaceful, so quiet.

Hesitantly, she stepped further into her room, dragging her fingertips along her table, leaving a trail of cleanliness where her fingers had picked up built up dust. How long had it been since she was here? How long since everything had been normal?

“Lynn,” She flinched at the sound of her name, turning her head slowly to face him, “take as much time as you need,” The corners of his lips curled slightly.

Looking back one final time, Lynn tried her hardest to blink back the tears forming in her eyes, “Reed… how did you make it look so easily?” She looked back at him, tears falling down her face now.

“Hm?” Reed cocked his head ever so slightly as he stepped forward towards Lynn, “What did I make look easy?”

Lynn lowered her head, letting herself be embraced by Reed’s embrace, “Leaving your home… why did you make it look so easy?”

Reed brought his hand up and down Lynn’s back, soothing her silent sobs, “It wasn’t easy Lynn, none of it was,” He pulled away, looking straight into her eyes, “none of it will every be.”


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